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A review of the Trek Stache 7.0

O.K. Let's start with a few reasons why I didn't think I'd like this bike. First, my last hardtail bike left my quiver in 1994 so the thought of no rear suspension didn't thrill me. Second, most 29'rs I have ridden felt like too much of a geometry/handling compromise. Also,…

Bill’s Short Story

Bill Kipper has been working at Steamboat Ski and Bike Kare for well over 10 years, and his been living in Steamboat for much longer. He is originally from Kansas and has a lot of great stories to tell. This post is dedicated to one short story that he recently shared…


What is MIPS? A low friction slide insert that is more effective at concussion prevention than previous helmet designs. How does it work? Typically in a regular crash or fall concussions occur when the brain slams against the skull. When falling your brain moves in the same direction as your…
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