3 Great Reasons to Buy A Pair of Demo Skis

Its the end of the season and, chances are, you are looking to buy some skis. With every ski shop in the country offering huge discounts on ski gear, now is the perfect time to buy. New skis are always marked down at the end of the season to make room for the next season, but even better deals can be found if you stumble across the right used pair of skis. The problem with used skis is that they are usually sold after the original owner has skied over every rock on the mountain. If only there was a nice median; a ski that had a used price, but did not come in used condition…Demo Skis are the perfect in-between for a few great reasons!

1.The Price

Demo skis are almost always marked down more than the new, un-skied version. This is because shops need to sell both models, so they put them at different price points to avoid product competition.

2.Lightly Used

Typically demo skis are replaced every season, so most models will only have one season of skiing on them.  Shops try to replace demo skis every year so that they can fill the void with a new model the following season. This means that the ski has only been rented out a handful of times, which is much less than the average used ski.  The ski shop is responsible for maintaining the ski while it is in their rental fleet, so any and all damages that have occurred to the ski during the course of the season have already been repaired by the ski shop.  If any damage is visible on the ski, most shops (especially ours) will be more than happy to fix the issue before selling you the demo ski.

3.Complete Set up

Demo skis almost always come with bindings already mounted. The rental binding that is used by the ski shop will have already been put on during the season, which is less for you to do. Simply buy the ski and you are ready to ski the following season.  If you buy new skis, you will also need to buy and mount bindings before the ski is actually ready for use. The only downside to this is that typically rental bindings are heavier than other bindings because they are fully adjustable.  Rental bindings have a track system on them which allows both the toe and heel piece to slide freely. This allows for the bindings to be adjusted for any boot size. The upside to having the rental binding is that you can let anyone else try your awesome pair of skis because they are adjustable!

In Conclusion

At Ski and Bike Kare we take pride in giving our customers as many options when buying skis as possible. We don’t recommend any form of purchase over another, as long as you have something to go out and have fun on. Our demo skis are all tuned and repaired regularly and any damage can be assessed and taken care of before we hand you the skis.  Additionally we will tune the skis before you pick them up, to ensure that the skis are in the best condition possible. If this article has swayed you in the direction of purchasing your own demo skis, be sure to stop by either locationDemo Skis and see if we have the model you are looking for in stock!


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