Boot Kare

Boot Fitting

Our boot-department staff will custom fit your feet into a model of boot they feel is best for you, based on you, your feet, your skiing ability, and your skiing goals. For an additional fee they build custom footbeds for alpine, A/T, telemark, snowboard boots and for biking shoes. Custom-molded footbeds are molded from your feet and place your foot in the optimum position in your boot to enhance your performance as a result of flat ski-base presentation upon the snow, increased edge control, improved fit and comfort, and increased warmth due to better circulation.

Boot Adjustments

Our boot staff is also available to work with you to customize the fit of your new or current ski boots, to best accommodate the needs of your particular feet, to create a tight and comfortable fit and to enhance your performance. They can accommodate all manner of bunions, instep pain, sole pain, ankle-point pain, heel pain, other pressure points, large calves, heel movement, loose fit, and more. For boots purchased from us, these boot-fitting services are free and offered as part of our Fit guarantee.

Keep in mind, tight-fitting boots can be comfortable. Tight-fitting boots that are comfortable and pain free enhance skiing ability; loose-fitting boots can cause pain and discomfort and diminish skiing ability.

Other Boot-Fitting Services

Stance analysis is available for a small fee, and any subsequent sole canting is an additional service and fee for parts and labor. Our boot fitters also install boot heaters, booster straps, boot sole heels and toes for boot brands we sell, heat mold liners, lift boots, and will replace buckles for most brands based on parts availability and compatibility. Service times vary from while-you-wait to overnight, depending on the type of job.

Boot-fitting Staff

Our boot fitters are long-time residents of the area and have received extensive training in house, in other shops, and from boot-fitting school, and collectively have over 150 years of experience fitting ski boots and making custom footbeds.