The Importance of Post-Season Wax

As the ski season comes to an end, you may be wondering what exactly you should do with your skis. You’re about ready to throw them in a shed and forget about them for a few months while you spend your time on a bike. Before you do that read why caring for your skis now will lead to an easier transition into the next ski season!

During the warm summer months the base of skis and snowboards can become damaged in a few ways: The warmth can cause the bases to dry up and crack if they are not properly protected. If they do not have any protection they also have the tendency to fall and get scraped up. After a few months without wax, the bases will need a few tunes to get them back to a good skiing condition.

These scenarios can all be prevented with the proper care. Caring for your skis after a season of skiing is extremely easy considering how damaged they can get if they aren’t properly cared for. Simply coat the base of your skis with a thick layer of wax. Do not scrape the wax off, but leave it on the bases. Doing this creates a layer of wax between the elements and the base of your skis. This also protects your bases from getting scraped up while they sit in your attic. ┬áThe layer of wax will prevent the bases from drying out and makes tuning your skis at the start of next season very easy. At the start of the next ski season, simply scrape off the layer of wax and you are ready to go. Its that simple!

If you don’t feel like doing the post-season tune yourself feel free to bring your skis into Steamboat Ski and Bike Kare’s repair shop and we will be happy to do it for a small fee. Hopefully this blog was helpful; if you have any additional questions about the proper care of skis feel free to leave or comment belowski_waxing_small23, or call the store directly!

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