How to take advantage of the slow season sale.

Living in Colorado means living in two separate climates, having two completely different wardrobes, and most importantly, having at least two vastly different hobbies.  Keeping up with the seasons can be tricky.  Deciding which gear to upgrade at the end of a season is tough:  Should I finally upgrade to the new Soul 7’s?  Or do I want to convert to a fixed gear on my DH bike?  No passion comes easy, and no passion in action sports comes without a major price tag.  So how can you get the best of both worlds, buy that quiver killer ski, and get that much needed fork service?  Take advantage of the off-season sales!

Ski Gear -Best when bought in the spring/summer offseason- 

Ski Sales

Timing sales on ski gear can be tricky.  Shop too early and you may miss out on some great savings, but hold out too long and all the good gear will be picked over.  Skis are hard to time perfectly, not only do retailers sell out quickly, but often manufacturers will completely sell out of their equipment as well.  The best advice for buying skis at a good deal, is to watch the market, decide which pair of skis you are interested in, and then wait for the best looking sale.  Often anything over 20% is a great deal, especially if it is still early in the season.  Its better to get the skis that you want, than to save a few extra bucks buying an outdated pair.  Act quickly and confidently when you see a good sale.  

Ski Boots

When it comes to ski boots, you should never wait for a sale.  Finding the right model and size for your feet can be hard enough as it is.  Trying to do this after most of a shops inventory has been sold is nearly impossible.  That being said, end of the year boot sales can be a great way to save money.  Often retailers will have mark ups as high as 50% on select ski boots.  If you are willing to compromise fit and performance, or are lucky enough to find the right fit for your feet, waiting may save you. Keep in mind the risk on waiting for these sales is very high. 

Ski Clothing

Ski clothing is perfect for buying in the off season.  Often retailers have excess ski clothing that did not sell during the winter.  This clothing can be found in the back, or on select sales racks.  Sales can range from 20-60% off, so finding the right winter coat may be more affordable than you think.  This is the lease risky sale to wait for as clothing is so wide spread.  You may not find exactly what you are looking for, but you should be able to find something similar for half the cost.

Bike Gear-Best when bought during the summer/fall offseason-


Similar to purchasing skis, buying the right bike is a bit of a process, but if you do your research you can get the perfect bike a great price.  The most important part of buying a bike is getting the right fit and model for your riding style.  Don’t pay attention to costs while you first start shopping around.  After you find the right bike, the next step is finding the right price.  Sales take place mid-season, and at the end of the bike season.  Pay attention to your specific bike, how quickly stores are selling out, and when the sales are happening.  If you can get a sale that offers %20 off, jump on it.  This is typically the highest discount a store will offer until the end of the season.  If you notice your bike is selling exceptionally quick, it may be better to buy during a mid-season sale rather than waiting until the end of the season.  You don’t want to wait to long and risk missing out on your perfect bike!


Use this knowledge as the season dies down.  Saving on ski gear in the spring equates to more cool bike parts in the summer! And saving in the summer gives you the opportunity to get some awesome gear in the winter! Checkout our current sales now, and come into to the shop today to find exclusive deals on ski clothing and ski gear!

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