Do the Women’s Clinics cost money?

No! The clinics and rides are all about you guys. Our mission is to create confident and happy riders, not to make money.

Do I need to be an experienced rider?

Absolutely not! Any and all rider abilities are welcome. We split into separate groups depending on rider ability, so no one is ever left behind.

When and where do you meet?

We meet every Tuesday starting June 7th on the Court House Lawn across from Ski and Bike Kare (442 Lincoln Ave.).  Get to know you and tech sessions start at 5:45 and then the actual ride will start promptly at 6:00. Group ride and clinic nights alternate from week to week. Check out the schedule for exact dates. One week is a ride for all levels and one week is a clinic for all levels. Who leads the group rides?

You do! We will provide information on tuning and riding your bike, but the rides are led by whoever wants to lead. There is no set order or hierarchy with us.

I don’t have a very expensive bike is that okay?

It is a mountain bike group so we need functioning mountain bikes for climbing and descending Emerald Mountain. The only exception is that it cannot have any racks on it.

What are the Clinic Nights like?

When we first get there, we go over basic bike maintenance – cleaning your bike, changing a flat, what gear to wear, etc. Questions are led by you, there is no stupid questions here. We then talk about the skills for the evening and practice those skills on flat ground. The group will break into groups based on skill and fitness level. Each group, led by a coach, will ride somewhere on the Steamboat trails and work on the clinic’s topic or enjoy a challenging Advanced group ride. The coaches are always open to questions and will give advice on any aspect of riding.

Why were the Clinics started?

The clinics were started because we saw the need for women to be more active in the sport of mountain biking. Women tend to learn in a different way than men and are often frustrated with learning from men. We wanted to provide a supportive environment where women can ride together and learn techniques that many men don’t know. As women, we learn best by understanding the mechanics of the skills needed in order to finesse the bike over obstacles. Men can rely on brute force for most things. The clinics also provide an opportunity to meet other women who share your interest in biking.  We hope that you will find riding partners that are at your same riding ability. This will only make you ride more often and also have someone to learn and share laughs with.

Where can I get updates about weather and riding times?

Like us on Facebook! We will update any and all information through our page.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact Abi at