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Ski Skins

Atomic Skin Multifit
Our Atomic MultiFit Skins are optimized for all our skis and come with 100% Mohair. - Multifit Cut - 100% Mohair - Hybrid Glue 2.0 - Hybrid Glue
Atomic Race Skin 65
While still offering good grip, the Atomic Race Skin 65 uses 100% Race Mohair for faster gliding and is the perfect match for our Backland UL 65 ski. - Straight-fit Cut - 100% Race Mohair - Hotmelt Glue - Race-Tipclip
Atomic Skin 85
These are high quality prefit skins for each ski in our Atomic Backland series, so there’s no additional trimming required. They’re made from a 70% Mohair mix for a really strong grip as you climb, and they’re very durable and long lasting. - Prefit Cut - 70% Mohair Mix
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