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POC Fovea Clarity Comp Spare Lens
Spare/Replacement Clarity Comp lens for the Fovea goggles. Clarity lens technology was developed by POC in partnership with optical industry leaders Carl Zeiss. Clarity alters the color spectrum for enhanced vision on the snow. Clarity Comp lenses are specially developed for use in competition settings, enhancing contrast to intensify the visual experience. Clarity Comp lenses are not designed to be worn for all-day skiing.
POC Fovea Mid Clarity Comp Night Spare Lens
Clarity Comp Night Vision lens for the Fovea Mid frame. Developed specifically for night skiing, the lens extends Clarity Comp lens technology developed with optical industry leaders Zeiss to filter the excess of green light associated with the lights used on World Cup slopes. By carefully studying the color spectrum under the artificial light sources we were able to determine exactly which colors needed to be filtered or enhanced in order to provide the sharpest vision for ultimate performance while racing at night.
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