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Helmet Parts & Accessories

Giro Outdoor Tech X Giro - Wireless Chips 2.0
The outdoor Tech X Giro bluebooth chips have been made to elegantly fit inside your helmet so you can switch between your phone and your music seamlessly. The Chips Bluetooth wireless system features 1-touch controls and hands-free phone function. This system also boasts full-range 40mm drivers, 10-hour play time, and proven performance down to 20 degrees.
POC Chin
POC Chin guard provides protection against slalom gates. The Race Stuff chin guard is manufactured in precision-tooled aluminum. Fits Skull Comp, Skull Orbic Comp, Skull Orbic X, Skull X, and POCito Skull.
POC Maxilla Breakaway System
The unique detachable and adjustable Maxilla break-away chin guard, which can be fixed or set to break away at varying impact levels. The Maxilla break away chin guard has been designed to minimize any potential injury to the neck or face and to meet the needs of different types of slalom racers and courses. The innovative and simple self-adjustment system gives racers all the flexibility they need for training and race day. - Maxilla Breakaway system chin bar is compatible with Skull Orbic X SPIN, Skull Orbic Comp SPIN, and Artic SL SPIN.
Giro Ledge SL MIPS Chinbar
$30.00 - $40.00
Removable chinbar for Ledge SL helmet. Choose the appropriate size chinbar to match your helmet size.
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