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Racing Skis

Salomon E S/MAX W BLAST + Z12 WALK
S/MAX BLAST W + Z12 Walk gives you instant access to feeling the perfect turn. Built on a powerful and stable sandwich sidewall construction, and supercharged with the new Edge Amplifier system, this modern, race-inspired rocket ship will have you laying down fast, precise turns from day one. Instantaneous and efficient edge engagement - Edge Amplifier is a completely redesigned ski/interface that transmits 100% of your energy directly to the edge, for an unmatched edge grip. Maximized ski-to-snow contact - Full woodcore and Titanium offers optimum stability and powerful rebound while reducing vibration. ABS sidewalls assist with terrain adaptation for better ski-to-snow contact. Maximum Precision - A progressive fast rocker profile with a compact tip increases the edge contact length, offering the best carving feel possible.
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